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Custom E Bikes. A specialist electric bike shop in Bradford on Avon.

Custom E Bikes is a specialist electric bike shop in Bradford on Avon
Custom eBikes in Bradford on Avon

Custom eBikes is a specialist electric bike shop in Bradford on Avon that is dedicated to bringing top of the line products to both the casual biker and the cycling enthusiast. Our passion for electric bikes motivates us to make sure that every product line we carry passes our own personal quality test. Everything we sell is something we would use ourselves.

Many of our customers are first time “E” bikers and as a consequence we offer instruction in the art of riding an electric bike. Customers are welcome to come out for a ride before purchase in order to get used to the experience. You will find the simplicity of going up hills an enjoyable surprise, and the ease with which one can cruise down country lanes and cycle tracks takes all the hard work out of cycling.

No matter what you’re looking for, Casual riding or commuting, we have the right bike for you. Let us find the perfect match between your requirements and your budget.

Custom eBikes also offers a repair service for existing owners. We offer a no fix no fee service, so customers can rest assured they will not be charged for assessing the problem.

Custom eBikes can also build bikes to order, including many extras, such as upgraded suspension, high powered lights, electric horns, and indicators, which other manufacturers do not offer. Choose frame type front or rear wheel drive gearing level battery capacity and type, mudguards, seat type and advanced controllers are all an option for the discerning owner.